01 September 2011


In 2091, the Anti-HyperRealist Party, also known as the Ahrps, were locked in internecine struggle with the Reformed Baudrillardians for control of the Global Throng (the GTs) and its power to design the next Generation of cyborgs. A few weeks before Double Saints Ronnie Day (although historiography was outsourced to a consortium of BollyHolly interests, every school-cyborg knew of the two saints who were officially merged into a single McReagan), the Reformed Baudrillardians joined forces with the BollyHollians to control the GTs and its design of the next Generation. The design was uploadized to all person-devices, and named "Gagaslacrum," after a long-forgotten, but once influential entertainer-turned-media mogul. Immediately Ahrps were rounded up and sent to various mallparks for rehabilitation. Many were merged with a later version of Gagaslacrum. The original Pre-Cyborgian model was promoted on fast-track to sainthood (by edict of BollyHolly) due to her influence on the design of later Generations.

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