20 August 2011


Electronic connectivity to people and places enables a new social form of the Geographic/Cosmological Imagination in which we again reside at the center of it All. Finally, humanity is superseding, hopefully in time, the worldview of the de-centering Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution which promoted the literally "eccentric" view that we reside OUTSIDE everything: nature, our bodies, the Earth (i.e., living ON the surface of the globe of the planet, instead of "dwelling" IN the spherical World).  

From the perspective of our lived experience (the lifeworld, including electronic connectivity), we dwell from an experiential center--the center of the World. The global view looks to exploit the spatial substrate of the planet, even to escape from it, and creates an "Earth alienation." The spherical view looks outward from the center, similar to Medieval cosmology. 

Science, psychology, and cosmology are coming together to "re-place" the alienation of the last four centuries. Now, we can again live here and now in this spacetime. Call it Home.

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