20 April 2009


That's it: Lose yourself in "real" life.
And, also find yourself and Self there.
Because the losing is the finding.
And, when we find, what we find,
that's a loss, too.

If we could but see,

myriad things happen in paradox.
Because paradox mysterious

is the wondrous paradigm.
Although paradoxically there really

is no paradigm
that is permanent except love.

Books and gardening--real places
to dwell, where inspired human words
and the voice of the Earth
speak to the soul from the Soul--
will speak to you.

You have inspired me
in many ways. My life,
I, would not be the same
if you had not fluttered in
on your butterfly wings
of paradox.

Make vows, break vows
--that’s fine.
But, always see a vision
of where you want to be

Then, envision the place
where you are now,
where you are at once lost
and found, where you are
always losing/finding
and seeing and loving.

Now, envision how
you can self-inspire.

Then, sometimes let us know,
let me see something
of what you find (and lose)
in the butterfly Garden
of paradox.

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