15 November 2015


I'm waking half-up from the 20th century
in that I have half-overcome the sense-
traumas of deep childhood. Forgetfulness
is the ultimate stagecraft. But, then, where
is the main stage floor on which to build
the primal scenery?
Who knows?

Perhaps there is no stage floor upon which
to build anything at all. In which case,
there is also no actor and no plot. If so,
I can sit in the audience of shadow people
and watch the no-show performance
on the non-stage.
Or not.

Or compose my own half-meaningful script
of the half-forgotten sense-traumas of deep
childhood that I have half-overcome.
Or else.

Because a senseless script is being written
by shadowy figures off-stage with their own
sense of drama. Their scripting may be senseless
and shallow, but it does present some dramatic
elements: absolutely absurdist, idiotically ironic,
innocently entertaining.
Or, what?

Because the non-script is still in the
writing-stage, half-written;
while the un-actor waits in the invisible line
at the tryouts.

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