04 February 2012


Preacher (James) Robison:

With all due respect, I believe you have some explaining to do at Judgment. You being "Commissioned" and all, to "proclaim Truth and Liberty" "from the rooftops," etc. And as you "see through the eyes of God" it must be so very easy to know the right course on public policy. It's not POLITICS, mind you, it's just knowing, as you do, God's will, right? And, since God speaks through you--you who were "called"--we can just read your words for God's message.

In your other message you thankfully give us specifics: God is against government auto makers, government climate regulations, government energy policy, government handouts...government...government...government! Whew! God HATES government!

Thanks to God's message channeled through you I now realize how incensed I am that there are sidewalks being built at this very moment in a part of my town in which many people are probably on government handouts! How fair is that? I demand my tax money be withdrawn from such a bad policy. I'll probably never use those sidewalks!

I'm glad you mentioned "sustainability," because that's a hint you will get around to preaching about the consumerism that is the dominant dynamic of our era, leading to destruction of God's Earth, and engendering the delusional self-contained individualism that is at the core of each of us. And when you mentioned "sound principles," that leads me to think you will preach in a later message (after you finish with government) about the overriding influence--yes, control--of gigantic corporations on our very lives and souls.

Get it? Consumerism (as much more than just lifestyle), self-contained individualism (as our delusional personal construct), corporatism (as the most powerful spiritual force in the world), and destruction of God's Earth (as suicidal project)--they all go together.

God is speaking to you at this very moment about these issues. Pray about it. There might even be some public policy involved. But, first, rant, as you did, against government favoritism to unions!

As I said, you will have some explaining to do. This question will be asked, Who convinced you of your Great Commission and what does it really say? You might start your explanation with how you needed (since you were "commissioned") to institute God's anti-government program before you could turn attention to the really big issues.
At that time, don't bother to open your eyes--because you don't have them open now.


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