03 January 2012


From my perspective and experience, the typical Christian methodology for "drawing closer to God," and diminishing the ego is poorly developed. There is hardly anyone operating in the usual Christian circles, as far as I have observed, who knows anything about it. Most preachers have no clue; their clerical duties and seminary training do not provide them with much, or any, background. Marriage counseling, yes; how to actualize merging with God, little. Intense prayer is about all that is proffered as method. It is an essentially ego-based methodology (even "prayer" which still largely props up the ego) that can go only so far in the usual "Christian walk." 

Much of it is pretense, or complacency, in my estimation, fueled by a Medieval dualistic psychology and theology that sees God as residing in some mysterious Elsewhere in the Heavenly Empyrean beyond the celestial spheres, in the sense of God as a separate, thus removed, Being. 

Seems to me, the typical Christian is searching for a method to do what she says she wants to do spiritually but with no knowledge provided to her about how to do it. In any case, there is truly no true "searching," as if there is a "something" to be "found": God IS already, always Here. There is nowhere else to search. 

So, do not confuse or jump to any invalid conclusion about my supposed "searching" as if Truth has not been found, and I am "lost." The Path (not a "search") is the realization of oneself as a "conscious co-worker of the Divine Plan." Realize, actualize, this, and then one already, always lives in the Temple.

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