15 May 2011


I have rocks all around where I live--inside! I have a rock from the volcanic sill behind my house from when I lived in the Santa Monica Mountains, California (1989-1993). I have a quartzite (crystal) rock I have been toting around since I lived in and around Lexington, Kentucky (1965-1979). I have rocks in the form of Native American arrowheads and axes from southern Kentucky, which are very approximately possibly 2,000 years old, that I have kept with me since the 1960s. 

Some people have quipped that they are here to remind me, in case of sudden-onslaught Alzheimer's, of who I am! Get it? (My surname is Stone.) 

One thing that pleases me about my imminent move to Nashville, Tennessee, is that there are actual outcroppings (the Nashville Dome) similar to the limestone outcroppings of the Inner Bluegrass--the Jessamine or Lexington Dome, which is geologically part of the Cincinnati Arch, so the stratigraphy is virtually the same. That will begin to feel closer to my sense of home (I am from Kentucky and lived in and around Lexington for 14 years). 

Here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast the bedrock is a few hundred feet below surface covered by coastal sediments. 

I need rocks in the landscape of my life, specially the 200-million-year-old limestones. 

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