13 February 2011


In the beginning there was a single stone surrounded by the swirling Waters of Torment; but also always there was an unseen Path of Hope. With the first step, the embodied spirit begins its tentative journey, barely seeing another stone ahead in the murky darkness, which can be reached with a carefully placed step. After several unsure steps, somewhere in the midst of the Lake of Despondency, it becomes all too easy to lose one's way, and even cease attempting to partake of the journey. One could remain on that one stone or another and forever blame and stagnate, looking around with no assurance as to where to step next. Yet, there is always another stone just ahead, which gives one a sure purchase for the next step in the journey (although some of the stones are slippery with guilt and remorse). 

After many steps, one can look back and--even if one has fallen off a stone or two, or many, into the Lake of Despondency--those steps have eventually led to the more confidant present. Ultimately they lead to the Shore of Tranquility. There, one may look back, pick up a stone or two, and skip them across the surface of the former Waters of Torment, and laugh at the whole spectacle. It was a small, shallow pond after all. The stones were always there as aids for the journey.

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