18 July 2010


I always wonder about those people who use talk radio and cable news as if were legitimate sources of news. Journalism they are not--with journalism defined as a discipline of verification, which separates it from propaganda. Entertainment and propaganda they are. The political-entertainment media outlets are what they are, and that is an ongoing political campaign which uses sensationalism and scare tactics for the intentional project of spreading disinformation for a narrow political end. Fox, for example, lets its editorial policy set its "news" presentation. When do you EVER hear a fair discussion of issues on Fox or on talk radio? Ever?

Yes, the middle-liberal news outlets, such as the NYTimes, WashPost have their political views, but overwhelmingly they are relegated to the editorial pages where they belong! And, don't forget: they have their op-ed pages filled with conservative pundits. I frequently go to those two newspapers to read conservative views. Compare that with Fox and you get an idea of what Fox is: a one-sided, ongoing political campaign that has discovered a winning formula of dishing out "info-frightment." I would like to hear you argue otherwise. All you can argue is that they are "correct," not that they are fair and balanced. Whenever a media outlet makes you fearful (using code messages about race, your personal economic outlook, you personal safety, your religion, etc.), ask yourself what is going on. If it made you fearful, the message was purposefully intended. And, it worked.

For example, if you listened to the media outlets I am referencing, you would have believed there was going to be a NAZI take-over of the U.S. government last year! Or, that the Obama adm. was going last year to confiscate guns, even entering people's houses. Remember the run on guns sales? Why did that come about? Or, that Obama adm. is rife with Marxists! Or, that history does not count when it comes to understanding the current economic problems! It never stops with the talk radio and cable news campaigning. Why? It is monetarily profitable. Look at Rush's salary or Fox's balance sheet.

No, the current economic problems are complex, not limited to three items; but those three are huge. Current budgetary deficit spending is NOT the problem. In fact, we need INCREASED spending for now. Think back to the Great Depression. We now, as then, have a global downturn--just the time to NOT decrease spending (or raise taxes). But, the anti-deficit hysteria is simple to relay in the media. It's simple to understand and it causes fright--just the right formula for the media propagandists! Reminds me of the WMD scare leading up to the Iraq War, about which Paul Wolfowitz admitted was a false pretext.

So, why do you trust those media outlets? Which of your deep-seated fears are they speaking to? That the Anti-Christ is now in charge? That you will lose your religion? That dark-skinned foreigners will overrun the country? That a different race is getting more than its share? That traditional marriage is being destroyed (because someone else wants the same rights)? That deep concern for the environment is a conspiracy by "wackos?" That your [fill in a freedom] is being taken away? All of these come from the media outlets I am referencing.

And more: That the current president hates whites, hates the country, in un-American, is a Muslim, is radical, is a socialist, is a Marxist, is a Nazi--all these I have heard on those media outlets.


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