08 April 2010


Obama, you might know, is a deranged, evil usurper! But, the always rational American people, the REAL people, are onto his wily ruse. Why, just look at the Harris Interactive Poll, of 24 March 2010, which was splashed across cable news, including Fox:

67% of Republicans think Obama a socialist;

61% that he wants to take away the right to own guns;

57% that he is a Muslim;

55% that he has done many things which are unconstitutional;

51% that he wants to turn over sovereignty to a one-world government;

45% that he was not born in the U.S. (and, thus not eligible to be president);

41% that he wants to use economic collapse or a terrorist attack as excuse to take dictatorial powers;

38% that he is doing many of the things Hitler did;

and, as a topper, 24% that "he may be the Anti-Christ." Let me repeat: one quarter of Republicans think Obama just might be the long-awaited Anti-Christ.

These numbers give one great confidence in the ratiocination of the American public and that they see through the Goebbels-like, evil deception. And, these beliefs--obviously accurate--just descend on them from heavenly places with only minor help from disinterested Earthly sources. Oh, one more: 22% of Republicans believe that Obama "wants the terrorists to win." Should we really wait for the ballot box, if the country is in such imminent danger?

But, the nation is blessed with a large group of true Americans who can tap into their powers of seeing through the artifices of the Obama socialist-Hitlerist-terrorist regime. Only these patriots can save the country.

On the other hand, and unfortunately, a USA Today/Gallup Poll, of 3/24/2010 (see <http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2010-03-23-health-poll-favorable_N.htm>), found that, re Obamacare,

49% (versus 40%) considered it "a good thing," rather than bad, that Congress passed the health-care bill;

one half described their reaction to the bill as "enthusiastic" or "pleased";

and, 48% called the legislation "a good first step" that needs to be followed by more action. Just consider for a moment: half of those polled, in a recent, scientifically-conducted survey, think Obamacare a good thing! It's appalling! The subterfuge! Don't they get it? Don't they see he is leading the nation like lemmings over the statist cliff of progressive, failed policies that historically have always failed?

See? That's what an accomplished acolyte of Hitler (and possibly Satan) can do: Fool (some of) the people.

At least we have astute and concerned citizens like the one who held the poster (I saw it tonight) at a rally, across which she had scrawled (apparently without conscious irony), "Do not steal from Medicaid to pay for your socialist programs." I can rest in bed tonight confident that a multitude of informed Americans, such as this patriot, will rise up blessed with insightful comprehension. But, with continuing Obamination, soon she will be--with a little help from the patriotic press-- appropriately frothing at the mouth.

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