09 March 2010


The U.S. does not have to go heavily into investment in green technology which can produce green jobs. But, China WILL and already has, in a big way. The Wall Street Journal reported in February that, in 2004, foreign firms controlled about 80% of China's wind-turbine market. Now, only six years later, Chinese companies own three-quarters of the market. Chinese wind-turbine makers are even starting to export. Already, Shenyang Power Group is supplying 240 turbines to the 36,000-acre wind-farm project in Texas.

If the U.S. does not invest heavily in the future of energy technology--green energy--we will leave it to others to do so.

If you oppose investment in green technology, I would like to hear from you whether your stance is ideological posturing; or is it simply shortsightedness? You will need to explain why you say investment in green technology and jobs is ideological. On this matter, I do not understand.

Anthropogenic global climate change, which includes global warming, has not been called into question, except by right-wing politicians and media personalities. It has continually been substantiated, even recently since the stolen emails from CRU.

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