25 January 2010


Have you seen Avatar? I took my 17-year-old daughter (her second time) to watch it. It is beyond belief! Nearly indescribable, it has anti-corporate, anti-military, anti-technology, environmental, and religious themes, and, of course, lots of violence and a love story. But, no matter, the 3-D, fantasy world that is created on screen is simply...I'm at loss for words.

Avatar is a visual extravanganza of startling proportions, with its creation of another world, the wondrous moon Pandora. This is the main reason to see it: for the ecstatic experience of near-virtual immersion in something, someplace, that is utterly alien (but with humanoids, trees, phosphorescent plants, gigantic birdlike creatures, etc.), yet dreamingly familiar in a deep-time, Garden-of-Eden sort-of-way, with the most phantasmagoric, luminescent primeval forest vegetation on this side of the Galaxy. It is so far beyond Star Wars and any other high-tech sci-fi film that it leaves them trailing in the pixie dust. That's it: The Avatar world is elixir created from distillation of pixie dust.

I sense Pandora calling me again to imbibe its ambrosial drink.

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