12 January 2010



Seems that the globalized economic system we all participate in makes it difficult to be truly responsible, or at least easily responsible, for some of our economic actions, because we do not understand the upstream or downstream repercussions of those actions. To wit: it is very difficult to know how our purchases are produced, such as apparel from sweatshops in Central America which employ teenage girls for as little as $0.38 per hour, or where some of our used products (trash) go.

The PBS Frontline/World video linked above, about e-trash sent to Ghana and China, is one I show my A.P. Human Geography students, as I did today. They are quite attentive (as you might, also) to this video which opens several subjects such as the global trade in e-trash and the human costs of the "industry."

Today, at the dumpster I saw a TV set thrown in. Maybe it is good that no one will cannibalize it for its potentially toxic parts.

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Vagabonds said...

Mr. Stone,
Thank you for sharing. You might be interested in checking out "The Story of Stuff" on google viedo, it's pretty interesting and gives a breif but discriptive summary of our "stuff."