30 December 2009


The following is about the "scandal" of the hacked emails of the climate scientists; and about the radical, far-right-wing, fearmongering, rumor-creating, hate media.

Have you read the explanations by any of the relevant scientists about their own language used in the hacked emails? Would not consideration of the explanations of the principle people involved be requisite for honest evaluation? Has a certain cable network, and some other shrill segments of the media, presented an honest evaluation? Would you expect them to?

Three months from now, after this yet-another manufactured media-scare (remember the handgun-confiscation manufactured media-scare, remember Marxists-in-government manufactured media-scare, remember takeover-of-government-by-the-extra-Constitutional-"Czars" manufactured media-scare, remember Obama's-deep-hatred-of-whites manufactured media-scare, remember government-takeover-of health-care manufactured media-scare, remember Obama-hates-America manufactured media-scare, remember Obama-does-not-have-a-birth-certificate manufactured media-scare, remember the death-panels manufactured media-scare, remember Obama-is-a-Muslim manufactured media-scare, ad nauseam?)--after the general impression has been imprinted upon the American public psyche of a supposed climate-scientists scandal, will we hear anything more about the truth of the hacked emails except the occasional reinforcement in the public psyche by off-hand remark that there was indeed some vague, but never substantiated, and certainly never honestly evaluated, "scandal?" Three months from now let's see if this one plays out a bit like the media-manufactured death-panels and handgun-confiscation (in obvious preparation for totalitarian government) scare.

Would you expect those segments of the media--segments that overtly, enthusiastically, and unapologetically align themselves with one political party, one political ideology, one world view--to ever engage in a truthful discussion of issues? So far they have not--that is not their raison d'etre. Might politically oriented public fright, supporting a particular political agenda, define, to a great extent, their modus operandi? As a result, they are participating, I believe, in the destruction of American journalism, an estate that democracy cannot survive without.

By the way, have you heard that Obama, who exhibits all the ominous signs of a Hitlerian-type (as hinted at in near-subliminal fashion by segments of the media), is orchestrating a Nazi-like, totalitarian takeover of the country? In the spirit of Sen. McCarthy, you should be afraid.

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