01 November 2009


I explain the supposed global cooling since 1998 by saying it did not happen. It is bogus use of data.

The present decade has been the warmest in modern recorded history. Every year this century has been warmer than any year before 1998.

The claim that there is a global cooling trend occurring at present uses 1998, an abnormally warm year, as baseline, and then says no year since has been as warm. Use either 1997 or 1999 as baseline and a different mini-trend appears. The "cool trenders" (including the Tea Party) are manipulating the record with a preconceived end. The supposed cooling claim also ignores smaller fluctuations within longer trends. The record shows several fluctuations since 1998. But the longer trend is clearly upward toward warmer temperatures. And, of course, greater amounts of greenhouse gases are being added to global atmosphere--thus the projections of continuing increases in global temperatures.

Besides, NOAA has newer data that show 2005 was warmer than 1998. NOAA also re-examined its data and found no cooling trend.

No need to rely on me, though. Just last week (27 October 2009) there was the Associated Press (AP) story all over the media (except Fox Opinion Network, of course) about AP presenting the NOAA temperature data to four statisticians in a blind study to see whether they could detect a trend in the data. They did not. Read the truncated AP article in the Philadelphia Inquirer (http://www.philly.com/inquirer/health_science/daily/20091027_Number_crunchers_reject_global_cooling.html ) or the longer one (http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gGAa00xryzkYa7FUhfip-CDPM_tgD9BIUU5G0)

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