22 September 2009


Tonight, in a local theater I attended the live-feed of The Age of Stupid event shown simultaneously in 63 countries. The docudrama film (shown as part of the live-feed) says that a 2.0-2.4 degree Centigrade threshold for rise in global temperature must be held in check because that temperature is the tripping point for further release of greenhouse gases, such as methane from Arctic tundra, etc., which is purported to be the beginning of systemic failure of planetary life-support systems. For example, Himalayan glaciers are on a fast retreat. Those glaciers feed some of the world's largest rivers, vital to about 1.3 billion people. The rivers include the Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Salween, Irrawaddy, Mekong, and Yangzi.

To achieve the goal of slowing the rise in greenhouse gases, there will have to be a firm commitment to changes in lifestyle. To that end, there is a movement to obtain commitment from millions of people to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010--called the "10-10" pledge. That seems fairly easily doable by people. I'm pledging now.

Tomorrow at the U.N., in NY, there is supposed to be a major statement by Chinese Pres. Hu about China's intentions. This is part of the lead-up to the Copenhagen Conference, in December. This is the international follow-up to the Kyoto Conference, of which Australia and the U.S. did not sign.

I'm not fully understanding why 2015 is considered such an important date, but that year--rushing toward us impossibly fast--is given as the end-year for achieving the prevention of the 2.0-2.4 Centigrade rise. It was stated that it is not science that is holding us back from doing what it will take to save the Planet (for human habitation or at least a recognizable civilization), but the political will, i.e., it is people. I can see a huge fight in the U.S. as it will be presented by some as a hoax and government-takeover of personal freedom. I predict Glenn Beck calling people to DC for a march for personal "freedom" and the "American lifestyle," etc. They'll feature gas-guzzling SUVs and chant "Drill, baby, drill!" and say that it is part of Obama's secret plan to engineer a Hitler-like takeover of government and society. (My own brother, who is a Beck and Fox fan, says he sees signs that Obama is doing just this!) Hold onto your hats, folks, things are going to get even nastier.

Interference with nature? There is no unadulterated nature now; it's a human-written, produced, and directed show. We have created the Anthropocene: the entire Planet as our stage-set. The only question now is what ending will we decide to write for the world. And, which history will be written about our present era: Age of Stupid or the Era of Challenges Met (like humans have never seen before)?

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