29 March 2009


I'm in vivace mood this morning. Let me explain. For some years I have envisioned myself sitting in Durham Cathedral--the world's most magnificent Norman Romanesque church, begun in 1093, and a UNESCO World Heritage site along with Durham Castle and the Monastery on the rock--walking the cloisters, sure, and gazing at the motes of floating color streaming from the rose windows, but mostly just sitting in the soaring majesty of the nave, imbibing the near-timeless atmosphere in inward/outward contemplation.

Continuing the story: This week, I received notice that I will be assisting at the Roman Fort on Tyne archeology site. This is the A.D. first-century fort that protected the main seaport and town for construction of Hadrian's Wall, which begins 4 miles away and runs 80 miles across the narrowest neck of Britain south of Scotland. The dig is located in South Shields, close to Newcastle upon Tyne, on a hill above the North Sea.

This will be my second dig; the other was a Mayan site. So, I have traveled a bit before (most recent was my second study trip last October to China and Japan) and excavated with the archeologists.

But, here's the part that has vivace notated in the margins of my Sunday morning hymnal: the Roman dig is about 15 miles from Durham.

Visions have power; visions solidify. I shall sit and drink the light in Durham Cathedral.

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Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous of your world travels, lee... sigh