01 February 2009


Tea is infused using leaves (preferably the last three) of the Camellia sinensis, the tea bush. The flowering pink or white camellia shrub that graces winterscapes when little else is blooming is its cousin.

Thoughts go to the mythic Chinese monk, who, while struggling to remain awake during meditation, exasperatedly ripped his eyelids off, threw them to the ground and there miraculously grew the first tea bush.

Nothing more civilized than in the afternoon, after teaching teenagers, to return home to infuse a hot cup of tea (preferably three), either oolong or green, and perhaps sip while gazing out the window upon sky and nearby trees and think sky thoughts of life's meanings. Thoughts that sometimes I rip out of my brainbush in attempts to awaken. It is rather a miracle that thoughts grow at all.

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