11 January 2009


This oldies site is a good one:

It caused some delirious elation in me, more than could be legally expected, as I jumped around and danced wildly, especially to At the Hop. I hope y'all have attached good speakers with separate bass to your 'puter.

As I rest my knees, it occurs to me that we, the first of the Boomers (1946-50), lived during some unique, idyllic times. I acknowledge that all time-spaces are unique and that there have been studies of the underside of life in America in the 1950s (e.g., domestic violence and racism), but being born not long after the Depression and very soon after WW II (although collectively we suffered from some of our fathers' psychological repercussions from war) afforded us the milieu of renewed hope and confidence of our world getting better. Though the Cold War was a sobering check on unfettered optimism (for many years I had serious dreams of nuclear war), the Zeitgeist of 1950s America was still that the City upon the Hill was reachable and we were very nearly living on that Hill.

Perhaps dystopian times are upon us now, but at least I can dance wildly--in both body and spirit--at the Hop, on the Hill, in my rock-'n-rolled embodied space.

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