20 January 2009


Here on the edge of walls falling
stands the recently united America
recalling the old injustices
admonishing "be patient"
that King said could not wait
from his cell which we now see
was our cell, too, whose walls
now tumble down.

Sure, many do not remember.
But, when talking heads say
the country has found itself
some recall the old impatiences
who fought to crumble these walls
revealing exposed people
hopeful that today’s impasses
will lead to other walls
for us to tumble down.

So we stand here
on the edge of walls falling
in the still uniting America
and look out on the land
in wonder
at what shall be done
to make more walls crumble
in remembrance
of those who first faced
cell walls
yet untumbled.

Composed on the afternoon of the Presidential Inauguration, 20 January 2009.

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