31 December 2008


Albrecht, G., G.-M. Sartore, L. Connor, N. Higginbotham, S. Freeman, B. Kelly, H. Stain, A. Tonna, and G. Pollard. 2007. Solastalgia: The distress caused by environmental change. Australian Psychiatry 15 Supplement:S95-S98.

Relating ecosystem health, human health, and psychological outcomes, the concept of solastalgia was created (in 2003) to describe place-based psychological distress when people negatively perceive their home environment. The article applies the concept to the experiences of people living in two distressed environments: areas of persistent drought and open-pit mining in New South Wales, Australia.

Solastalgia is placed under the larger concept of psychoterratic (environmentally induced) mental illness, which also includes nostalgia: diagnosable mental distress produced by separation from home (“homesickness”). The researchers found that the mining landscape produced solastalgia and loss of sense of place.

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