20 September 2008


As part of the historiography of the lead-up to the Iraq War, future analyses will surely look at the massive government-led misinformation campaign that began in September 2002 to sell the war to the American public. That propaganda campaign worked exceedingly well, as much of the mainstream media acquiesced. As recently as late 2006, 90% of U.S. troops in Iraq stated they were there as a result of Saddam Hussein's "attacks" (in which, of course, he had no part).

If George Bush exhibits equanimity (as is claimed) in the face of his knowing that his administration massively lied to create the conditions for a trillion-dollar war, and several hundred-thousand Iraqi deaths, and the hell-to-pay when American society experiences the PTSD misery of many returning Vets--if Bush is calm in the face of his being at the center of so much manufactured misery and evil, then he truly is possessed of some zombie-like equanimity afforded him by his warped sense of good and evil.

Terrifying to contemplate, Gov. Sarah Palin has the same worldview as George Bush. Even more scary, and even more so than Bush, Palin sees herself as God's chosen instrument for rectifying what she sees as the current dominion of Evil in the world.

The Religious Right now has taken control of the Republican Party and Sen. John McCain. They see the presidential election (and the fight against Islam) as Holy War. Those of us who understand this must work to defeat the extremely dangerous Religious Right/Palin forces for the good of humanity.

Otherwise, religious extremists will create the history about which George Bush is so zombified and we are so worried.

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