30 August 2008


People sometimes apparently forget that Sen. Barack Obama served eight years in the Illinois legislature. It also gives me some confidence that he taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago for twelve years, as contrasted to George Bush who has flaunted our Constitutional rights.

I appreciate Sen. Obama's real-life experience of having worked as community organizer. Can you think of any President, ever, who worked at the level where actual people live, on the street, in the community? In my estimation, working as community organizer would be a transformative experience that we should only hope all national leaders would have.

Barack Obama, admittedly, does not have the usual political experience of presidential candidates. But the fact that he is a Constitutional scholar, has worked in the streets and community, has served at the level of State affairs, and now has experience at the national level as a U. S. Senator--all this gives me confidence that his background, from community to national, affords him an extensive vision of America. This not only qualifies him to be President, I believe it makes him uniquely qualified.

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