31 August 2008


Finally I get assurances that my analyses and suspicions are correct about drilling for oil in the U.S. and whether any of the production is dedicated to the U.S. market. The answer: No, none of the oil drilled within the U.S. is dedicated, or reserved, for the U.S. market. Am I wrong? Please tell me.

It is simple: there is a global market for oil, therefore oil is sold on the global market, no matter where it is drilled. Just because the oil is found IN the U.S. does not mean it belongs TO the U.S. I see and read that some Americans say "we" must drill for more oil in the U.S. The problem is that they conflate "American" oil corporations with the U.S. as a country. The oil corporations are not the U.S. They get oil (from anywhere they can); they sell oil (to whomever they contract) on the global market. The oil does NOT belong to the U.S., at least after the oil parcels have been leased. THE OIL BELONGS TO THE GLOBAL OIL CORPORATIONS!!!! (You can tell that I'm getting upset at this.)

Again, today, I watched a Youtube video in which an (uninformed) eloquent person says that if Russia and Venezuela are smart enough to enjoy gasoline prices at about $1 per gallon because they drill their own oil, then why does not the U.S. do the same and become energy independent? It does not take much knowledge to understand that oil in Venezuela is NATIONALIZED! It is not clear who owns the oil in Russia, but it is safe to say that it is controlled by the state.

I have really struggled to figure this out. If you say "we" should drill "our" oil, I have a simple, direct question: Who are "we" and where is "our oil?" If it is true that when global oil corporations lease oil parcels, they control those parcels and the potential production, and they drill what is then THEIR oil, and there is a global market for oil, and the global oil corporations sell to whomever they want on the global market--then at which politicians are you ranting? And why are you pretending to be jingoistically patriotic vis-a-vis some politicians (you label as "liberal") who resist oil drilling in sensitive areas and, as you say, cause our gasoline prices to rise or at least prevent our gas prices to decrease?

Global oil corporations, global oil market--do you get the picture? Or am I wrong? Please inform me. Looks to me that "our" oil belongs to the global oil corporations. No oil is solely dedicated to the U.S. market.

The more you protest, the more you make the case for NATIONALIZED oil! Or at least legislation that CONTROLS the global oil corporations. Is this want you want? Can you imagine global oil corporations supported by right-wing politicians (and others, too) would ever consent to their becoming controlled by the U.S. government? Would you support this? Then why the false, jingoistic whining?

Many conservatives and other politicians of more liberal leanings are supported by oil money. In no imaginable situation can I foresee that Congress would opt for nationalized or even federally controlled oil production and marketing. CAN YOU?

The following link of the Consumer Federation of America addresses some of these problems: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/07-31-2008/0004859817&EDATE=

Here is an excerpt:
ExxonMobil and other major oil companies charge the same price for oil and natural gas that it extracts from the United States, as they do for oil and natural gas they extract abroad. It is a world market and they charge the world market price.

It seems such a simple and compelling argument for the jingoistically inclined to blame others who they label as liberal who they falsely say are preventing "us" from becoming "energy independent," while continuing to rely on oil as our main energy source. To the extent that they call for "our" oil to be drilled for "us," the more they will NOT call for moving away from oil dependence (from wherever the oil comes) and not support the development of alternative, clean, sources of energy.

Who profits from our continuing dependence on oil (from wherever it comes)? Two entities: oil corporations and politicians who are supported by them. Either those people who call for this type of pretend energy independence (continued reliance on oil) are in the pocket of oil corporations or they are ignorant. Am I wrong? Please tell me. This is a vital, crucial issue of utmost importance of public policy being "debated" in the public forum.

Am I wrong? Please inform me.

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