12 June 2008


In a country so large in population it should not be surprising that there are forces at-large in our country who see it as their place to spread lies about politicians running for office whom they oppose. And now we have the powerful electronic medium of the Internet and email which is easily used to keep lies alive.

To wit, the anti-Obama machine has been working tirelessly (and evilly, in my estimation) to smear his history, words, and intentions. Entertainer-propagandists such as Rush Limbaugh, who is a master at innuendo, have spread the lie about the purported comment by Michelle Obama uttering the label "Whitey" at a public event. No tape has ever been produced, but the Fox Network and Sean Hannity thought it just fine to keep the rumor going through some news cycles before commentator Roger Stone admitted he did not have the tape and did not know of anyone who did. The point is--and Sean Hannity and his ilk know it well--that just bringing up a rumor in a supposed news show is enough to cause doubt in the public's mind. That is the purpose of the creation of rumors. And, that is one of the evil purposes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Expect more of it. It is a sickness in the civic forum and I blame people like Hannity and Limbaugh and their network sponsors and their funnelers of disinformation for egregious direliction of civic responsibility.

You can log on this website that Sen. Obama's campaign must maintain solely to combat the rumor machine.

I announce here that I have made a monetary donation to Sen. Obama's campaign for President.

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