16 June 2008


"The fierce urgency of now" (Dr. M. L. King's phrase) should compel America to see Sen. Barak Obama through to the presidency. Now is the time. That urgency should unite supporters of Sen. Clinton with the Obama campaign. Now is the time. That urgency must energize those who understand that we cannot afford to wait on taking effective action on the global environment. Now is the time. That urgency should convince independents and Republicans that Sen. Obama can unite us so we can tackle America's problems, such as health care and a renewable energy policy. Now is the time. That fierce urgency tells us we must elect Barak Obama to the presidency. Now, at this urgent moment as a nation, now is that time.

Feel the urgency, America, feel the fierce urgency, to actualize what we once promised to ourselves as a nation and which has been dormant much too long: The hope that we the people would internalize the democratic power to solve problems of not just the privileged few, but of the many, even of the most, even--do we dare hope--of the all. Now is the time.

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