23 March 2008


Easter, to me, is perhaps the most deeply meaningful of the holy days, with its denotation of rebirth and the symbolism associated with it.

I remember my tall, freckled, auburn mom, always so nearly angelic, cutting a rose (yellow?) in the side yard and wearing it to church on Easter Sunday to indicate her mother was still living.

The youthful joys of frenetically hunting for Easter eggs, the never-seen Easter Bunny who surfaces as a chocolatier, the springtime jonquil ambiance--it all fell at the most rejuvenating time of the seasonal cycle. No matter its usurpation by Christendom (who could blame any organized religion for incorporating the symbolization of resurrection and renewal?), it's a holy day that we all could take to heart as we spring-clean our spirits.

Seems it's a double-focused day--the Earth recreates, human spirits restore--but each occurs united with the other, as our
glad-it's-spring spirits draw closer to the willing-to-nourish Earth Spirit.

I give thanks that we have this holy day.

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