18 February 2008


Out the door to NoPlace
AnyTown, USA
Cityscape so much the same
tentacles to blame.

Disregarding differences
selling of sameness
Here and there chase McPlace
homogenized daily space.

Leaving utopia of Erewhon
arrive in Geography of Nowhere
Planners’ vile vision
pretends humanized mission.

Omnitopia: the new EveryPlace
Stark airports, office parks,

strip malls: the cityscape strip mines
babble blight of siren signs.

In door to my spaces
networked to virtual places
create simulacra with zeal
dreamscape seemingly more real.

1 comment:

Andrew Wood said...

I dig your poem! I hope it's OK that I added a link (and a tiny snip) to my blog. It's at Woodland Shoppers Paradise. Also, if you haven't yet seen this site, I invite you to check out my Center for Omnitopia Research. Cheers!