04 February 2008


At the front line.
How many jobs do you know
where you have to deal with
hormonal emotions
of your clients?
And if you don’t handle it well,
there could be an explosion
by your clients
maneuvering at the front line.

On the line.
How many jobs do you know
where you have to explain your behavior
to the guardians of your clients?
And if your explanation
is not accepted,
you feel your career
is on the line.

Between the lines.
How many jobs do you know
where you have to interpret communications
from superiors, clients, guardians?
And if your interpretation
is not accepted,
you are told you should have read
between the lines.

Lay it on the line.
Which job requires you to perform
every day in front of your clients
who transfer their feelings
toward authority onto you?
And if you do not perform well,
your clients could react negatively
as you and they lay it on the line.

And your superiors who deal with the public
expect you to push your clients
always perform better.
And your clients’ guardians with family turmoil
expect you to understand their problems
and deal with them sympathetically.
And your clients expect you to
entertain like their entertainers.

Instead, you are at the front line
reading between the lines
laying it all on the line
with your job on the line
dealing with emotions,
behavior, communications,
authority, and entertainment--
because you are the Teacher.

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