03 February 2008


This is what I believe: That on this plane everything is impermanent, including relationships. But, from the standpoint of reincarnation, our relationships cut across lifetimes.

I will take a big step further and say that karmically, in these times, things have speeded up to where we live in a hyperkarmic era. This is at least partly due to the speed of the new information and communication technologies (ICT) making it possible for quickening global communication between people (read "souls" involved in karmic interactions) that are reflected within people's quickening interior mental/emotional/spiritual architecture. Communication speed and reach equals karmic speed and reach.

Thus, it is NO ACCIDENT that I am communicating with people who live on other continents, with whom I'll never physically meet, but with whom I'm having an encounter of some degree (hopefully a positive one). This is karmic interaction; an interaction which, even though it looks impermanent now, perhaps is finishing off some interaction in earlier incarnations. It's the same with all whom we interact. Impermanence now is entangled in "permanence" beyond the now.

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