19 January 2008


Will everyone
ever live inside
the planetary
gated community?

For what are we building
psychic fences
assembled in our public places
and cyberspaces?

Gates closing
Minds fencing

Why is civic culture withdrawing
to celebrity worship
ourselves entertaining
to death?

Gates closing
Deaths worshipping

What shall become of us
inside a world bordered
and boarded by the outside/inside
gating and frontiering?

Gates closing
Homes boarding

Those structures are comforting
to the gatekeepers
because screens flash
with aliens the gatehouse passing

Gates closing
Nomads moving

And some nation-builders returning
from the endless asymmetrical wars
to ensure that globalization
is properly Americanized

Gates closing
Wars globalizing

patrol the restless nodes, paths
and edges of the Pentagon's
new cognitive maps
to board the borders

Gates closing
Pentagon mapping

But they have too many edges to map

While the cogni-cartographers see
the media-cyber world
is ungating
our bordered/boarded minds

Gates opening
Minds ungating

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