11 January 2008


We fathers need all the commemorative days, such as Fathers' Day, we can garner! Fatherhood, I think, is a much neglected part of humanness.

Back at the beginning, I was there ready to literally catch my daughter, Sanjina Marie, when she was born, at home up a canyon, in Malibu, Calif., overlooking the Pacific, holding her before her mom did (at least this is my memory).

Later that day, I planted a young sapling over the placenta, such as described in The Golden Bough (1890), by Sir James George Fraser, about the birth custom in the South Pacific, in which the tree's and the child's spirits are intermingled.

I have not revisited Decker Canyon to see how her spirit tree is faring. If she reflects how the tree is doing, then the tree is thriving. I wish it to grow many tree rings.

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