06 January 2008


Speculation about differences in the Supreme Beings of various religions reminds me of the parable of The Blind Men and the Elephant, which has been used by Jains, Sufis, Hindus, and Buddhists. Each person in a group of blind men touches an elephant, but each blind person touches only one part, different from the other men, such as the tusk, trunk, side, etc. They compare notes--their versions of reality--and, of course, one says an elephant is like a tree (the trunk) and the next like a smooth pole (the tusk) and the next like a wall (the side), and so on.

I find meaning in this biblical scripture: "For now we see through a glass darkly...now I know in part...."

People, and religions, are like this, aren't they? People, and religions, see reality differently, because each sees only a part. Each of us is touching one part of the elephant, but the creature is whole.

So, are the Supreme Beings of two different faiths different or the same? I'd say the Elephant doesn't care what the blind people think. It is One and whole.

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