26 December 2007


The idea re anger towards God seems to me worth exploring. I have made the statement that anger towards God is misdirected. But, on further reflection, it strikes me how "natural" it is. Think how often children get mad at parents with little justification; or as adults we strike out at convenient targets. Or, we blame our spouses for things they have no control over. People in charge, even in our everyday lives, are subject to complaint and even rage.

God is certainly a "convenient" target, readily at hand, or at least just a curse away. How easy to blame God for something or everything. So, in one sense, it indicates a familial closeness to shift fault to a higher level. It's even a form of communication, although negative, but communication still.

Much of it might be a rage against the powerlessness, helplessness, and uncertainty of the human condition.

Further, it might be even more complex than that, because
on a subtle, perhaps unconscious psychological level, anger towards God could be both an outward projection of blame from ourselves and at the same time an internalized anger at ourselves. Blaming something fulfills a need. God is a rather convenient target for that.

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